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- Events Page:. Https://■ summon your fantasy now! Sohwansulsa new class ■ Valkyrie to summon the strongest supporters of the power of noble lineage sohwansulsa! Yigye
descended from the ancient continent Mu Please dominates! ■ Content Update (2.3.0) ■ 1. 'Sohwansulsa 'new class
-server holds the first level within three rings or more characters, or can be created using the' standing in the dark 'Item #
' standing in the dark' is in the shops sales and dog standing in one of the city sohwansulsa create darkness will consume sohwansulsa
# is generated when a two-level character generation reincarnation 1
- sohwansulsa equipment has existed since at creation time and five tiers, sohwansulsa the five-tier equipment is equipped with automatic
- sohwansulsa will continue the fight to summon a pet (Valkyrie), and dealing magic damage
- stats the same way as when creating Warlock sohwansulsa this is automatically distributed,
[stat> stat Reset> Recommended stats] properties can be changed through the case of more than
characters # 3 of reincarnation, stats diamond is consumed during initialization.
- sohwansulsa 0.2 Costumes are added. Subclass
- subclass [confidential] to complete the quest will be activated
- Can a 'subclass' to use the same name for the main character classes can create one
# subclass when creating, changing to a different type of class, and can not be deleted #
in the same class as the main type can not be selected subclass
- the main subclasses between level (F), holding the goods, you can share your training information such as estates, closet
- However, the equipment, skills, stats information will not be shared between classes
- the safety zone is available only from the main switch subclass
- subclass switching, the use of marriage-related content beulga. (Couples arena, dungeons couple, marriage application) 3.
Land of struggle - the struggle for land is open at achieving Guild Level 6, you can participate in [Guild> Guild Events> land struggle -
- The Guild Master can apply and apply and the processing time is as follows. [Qualifying] #
with boss calculated Ranking treatment time, the top 16 guilds short treatment time, advanced to the round of 16 the next day and applying #
Running Time: Every Wednesday 20:35 ~ 21:00 you can apply for qualifying and admission. [Tournament] #
Round of 16 will proceed to the starting tournament. The tournament is
#, and can be automatically involved, just after the start of the event without any admission application. My Dungeon #
2 and Guild Kill the boss to stand, to win the guild inflicting a lot of damage to the boss.
(if the damage is the same, to win a qualifying high-ranking guild) #
the Dungeon my pk possible after a struggle #
land of progress, you can get experience, Zen Bound, Guild major, King card rewards.
However, if your boss has not injure the damage compensation will not be paid separately. warriors's added the final blow to boss #
can obtain additional compensation. #
Process time
every Saturday - 20:35 to 20:45 Round of 16
Sunday 20:50 to 21:00 quarterfinals
# semi-final 20:35 to 20:45 # - 20:50 to 21:00 final Four.
Ornaments system - you can earn in-game trinkets to achieve a content store or jewelry
stars activated condition acquisition method can be checked through the [Accessories> Preview> Activate conditions.
- If you wear ornaments activated abilities will rise
- you can activate the buff ornaments set according to the combination of mounting ornaments
- attractive point is activated or trinkets can be obtained by decomposing trinkets
- trinkets level can be raised to upgrade the slot trinkets, charms the city upgrades will consume
points - a total of five slots trinkets, 5 this level is the sum of the slot opening two new slots at achieving 5/20/40/70.
- The maximum level of trinkets slot is 50. 0.5. Coupled beyond
- consumes - Sapphire Amethyst Jen] can be flexible over 11 tier equipment
- buff of strengthening / reinforcement option / option seed is generated when the flexible
- sapphire / amethyst points can be acquired in exchange pet, die shop, a land of
trial - you can protect the progress history by using the 'patron jewelry' when proceed beyond 0.6 ductility. 12 integrated environment map, 'ahkeron West '
- around 12 Exchange Server integrates maps will be added to' West ahkeron '
- ahkeron West can be admitted from the map> server consolidation; 0.7. 'Efficiency Payment Systems
- when you achieve goals you can get Attack Power Efficiency compensation from the Compensation> Compensation Efficiency -
- However, the rise over the buff attack power is not included .
■ improvements and fixes guide system functions ■ 1. First automatic combat skills will add the ability to set priority
- can proceed located in the System> Settings Battle> Skill Settings at the top of the game screen 0.2. A feature that automatically advances to the daily quests 1-10 rounds are added.
- The [Star rating 5], [exp 2-fold] is selected automatically goes to 10 rounds. (You can turn off automatically during ongoing)
- if - 5 Star rating], [exp 2 times - after the diamond is not enough choice or Zen, you will automatically receive regular compensation 0.3. In [Dungeon> Dungeon Party] [Party Invitation will add this feature.
4. Cry Wolf battle positions will be additional time alerts and shielding.
5. The celebrated battle of the Lord will be added.
6. The maximum storage space can be expanded upward to [120> 216].
7. Roraensiah the winter theme is deleted, the theme will be applied to existing ==== ====
Information Spare Mu're hesitant to install the app's permissions do not worry Origin warrior! 1. To help the veterans of Mu's Origin game Register and login information has been received on Google Plus account.
2. Send a message to let you push event news and information via a warrior Mu Origin's device uses the account information.
3. Mu origin of patches in real time, and bug fixes can be read from an internal or external repository-related folders Mu origin of the terminal's veterans for smooth game playing, or use Address:
242 Pangyo in Seongnam Bundang (Sampyeong-dong, East pdc b)
Customer Service: 1670-1101 Developer Contact

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Allows apps to accept cloud to device messages sent by the app's service. Using this service will incur data usage. Malicious apps could cause excess data usage.

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    Android 3.0 and up

Mu origin 2.3.0:

Mu origin 2.3.0
Price: Free
In-app purchases: Yes
Size: 82.65 MB
Current Version: 2.3.0
Installs: 5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Rating average : aggregateRating (4.2 out of 5)
Rating users: 140,080
Requirements: Android 3.0 and up
Content Rating: Teen
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    What's New in Mu origin 2.3.0

      ■ 콘텐츠 업데이트(2.3.0) ■
      1. ‘소환술사’ 신규 클래스
      2. 서브 클래스
      3. 투쟁의 땅
      4. 장신구 시스템
      5. 초월 연성
      6. 12환 통합 맵, '아케론 서부' 추가
      7. 전투력 보상 시스템
      ■ 시스템 기능 개선 및 수정 안내 ■
      1. 자동 전투 시 스킬 우선 순위 설정 기능
      2. 일일 퀘스트 1~10라운드까지 자동 진행하는 기능이 추가
      3. [던전 > 파티던전] 내에 [파티 초대] 기능이 추가
      4. 크라이울프 공방전 입장 시간 알림 및 차폐막이 추가
      5. 제왕의 전장 칭송이 추가
      6. 창고 최대 확장 칸 수가 [120 > 216]으로 상향
      7. 로랜시아의 겨울 테마가 삭제되고, 기존 테마로 적용