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■ 20 vs 20 servers around the former occupied! ■ The Lord of the battlefield update will get the occupation vs Will Be Occupied
right now participate in the Lord's battle! ■ Content Update (2.1.0) ■ 1. Lord of War
- divided by the Union / denomination both sides, 20 vs 20 is charged [The Lord of the battlefield - events are added to proceed
- [The Lord of the battlefield] is six reincarnation one level from positions available and it will be placed on the battlefield depending on the level of the character reincarnation.
If you do not have your membership for the entire length of the interval it can be placed in different sections one battlefield. .
- Event> Server competitions> Battlefield of the King] possible position and progress periods are as follows: #
progress Days: Monday / Thursday game #
hours Applications : 21:00 to 21:25 time to fight #
from 21:30 to 22:00 - will win you destroy the enemy camp, mineral bases during this battle is in progress.
Both sides if the base is not destroyed all minerals and has a high camp to win a total of acquired points, if the point total of
obtained will be identical to defeat both camps.
- after the battle ended, more than 100 points, win or lose rewards only one warrior's acquisition (experience, Zen Bound) will be paid. 2.
Tarot cards - by wearing a slot to elevate the character options [Tarot cards] content will be added
- Tarot cards to a total of 15 species assigned to each card in the slot when worn the effect is applied to the option character.
-Click in the [Tarot cards> Tarot wearing] You can remove the card. (Up to six can be worn)
- tarot cards> Tarot Book You can consume a piece that is holding the bag at the card level up to
- the maximum level of 50 tarot cards
a - consumed by the [King's card - a piece that is holding the bag - King privilege] can be applied #
'King's privilege' is selected at random tarot cards in three kinds of 24 Add a function to apply a level-up effect during this time. #
King City privileges, you may be mighty Spirit it will also select the card you are holding the US. while the US holds cards that privilege applies
When you level up is obtained by adding apply as many effects as the remaining time. If you click [Reset] button while the privileged King #
is applied, the effect disappears the existing privileges. 3. Costume Closet
- wearing the costume being held and will be added to the [Costume Closet - content that can be enhanced.
- Enable the click of a button Costumes> Costumes were kept in the closet is attributed to the character, you can not move back to
bags - regardless of whether the characters wear, was kept in a closet costume of the options apply nested
- consumed by the same kinds of costume being held by the bag material can be upgraded (level up) up to level 10
- thereafter Android update [ settings]> [game]> Costumes off function is not activated
- thereafter updated Android my Costume Limited Edition will delete the phrase ※ Android is being updated prior to the costumes worn, 12/14 (number) is automatically released when the update will be kept in a bag fitted. Costumes that are kept in the
bags can be mighty Spirit will be directly enable button to keep in the closet (active) 0.4.
Couple arena - is added to the [Arena couples - events that can proceed with the 2 vs 2 showdown between a married couple
Party mode - Event> Server competitions> Couples arena] with the possible admission and progress periods are as follows: #
progress days: Every Friday / Saturday #
bout time: 13:30 to 15:30 -
- married spouse East If you are connecting zone, you can proceed only from a confrontation [2 Sides]
- married spouse, if you are not connected, and proceed through the confrontation [1 matches], 1 or 2 ins can be matched
- When a confrontation during the match One person likes this match canceled, the two couples both matches will be canceled
- Couples will fight lasts three minutes, up to 10 times you can proceed to the battle
- the amount angel of love - couple in the arena map and treatment when applying the [blessings of love] buff effects, when treated with love, blessings buff owner of
you can take away the buff
- [the blessings of the container] buff effects are applied during the treatment [angel amount of container] that appeared in the minutes after the battle started 1 map, the buff
a character with the damage given to the owner of buff love angel amount will be increased
- maintaining a blessing buffs love for one minute, or win the love of the couple owns a blessing buff showdown at exit # If you own the US both sides buff until the
# battle ends, both sides are treated defeat. 5. Couples Blessing
- Dear every other warrior's paying the compensation received by the [blessing] a lot of couples - blessed couples] are added to the contents
- [Home> couple blessed menu .. or married to another character, you can click to send the blessing
, however, every Sunday 23:30 to 23:59 Ranking settlement period, you can not send a blessing
- sincere flowers / There are flower / flower / flower] four kinds of blessings of love, of faith, of the soul, a blessing or a diamond is consumed during the blessed truth
- when sending the flower of love] blessing, my current server roraensiah this experience, Zen Bound, such as a random reward will be paid to the character in the safety area.
- Warrior's No. 1 ranking after the weekly dinners are held upright settlement jimyeo opportunities and statues, there are statues that disappears when parting
- blessed by summing the couple can two people who most Ranking received a lot of rewards to be paid up 1-10 couples.
above double 1-3 couples can receive the [marriage] 0.6 costumes. Guild diplomatic
- adds a [Guild Diplomacy] system that can bear a strong relationship with the other servers
Guild - Guild> Guild diplomacy - more than 5 guild master of the guild from level you can spend money to apply gyeolmaeng Guild (diplomatic)
- gyeolmaeng If you do not agree within 24 hours after application gyeolmaeng application will be automatically canceled
- gyeolmaeng off the relationship at any time from one guild you can
- dismantling the guild master guild or guild if funds are to be disbanded due to lack Guild,
gyeolmaeng relations and gyeolmaeng application with the history of the guild will be automatically canceled #
# - gyeolmaeng persons guild's world map, map server consolidation [Guild] mode does clothe the damage by attacking each other when selected. 7. Top-level characters up (12 pills 100) 8. Three kinds of new pet to add
- Chick emperor], [mechanic chicken], [cock] 9. endless layers of the open top 121-130 (12 pills 100) 10. Other system enhancements and changes ==== ====
App installation instructions, please rest assured Rights Origin warrior who's preliminary Mu hesitate to! 1. To help the veterans of Mu's Origin game Register and login information has been received on Google Plus account.
2. Send a message to let you push event news and information via a warrior Mu Origin's device uses the account information.
3. You can real-time patch Mu origin, and bug fixes read the built-in or Mu origin specific folder on an external storage Champion's terminal for smooth game playing or using an increasingly better Mu origin shall a priority the protection of your personal information It will lead to service .------------------------------------------- ------- ■ 100% exceed the limit of mobile real mmorpg! ■
mobile game so far forget,
imagined that brings back two more games! Enjoy the real mmorpg, MU
Origin feel at your fingertips! ------- ------------------------------------------- address: Seongnam Bundang Pangyo 242
(Sampyeong-dong, Dong Pangyo digital Center b)
1670-1101 Contact Developer: #

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Mu origin 2.1.0
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Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
Content Rating: Teen
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    What's New in Mu origin 2.1.0

      ■ 콘텐츠 업데이트(2.1.0) ■
      1. 제왕의 전장
      2. 타로 카드
      3. 코스튬 옷장
      4. 커플 투기장
      5. 커플 축복
      6. 길드 외교
      7. 캐릭터 최고 레벨 상향(12환 100)
      8. 신규 펫 3종 추가
      9. 무한의 탑 121~130층 오픈(12환 이상)
      10. 기타 시스템 기능 개선 및 변경